Getting Back With Your Ex - Unique Relationship Repair Tip

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There is the death of a close friend or relative and then there is the death of a relationship. When you break up with your partner it is the closest experience to bereavement that most of us go through. If you are not the instigator of the break up then naturally your interest will be in getting back with your ex, and soon. There are four well documented stages of bereavement and as it is with death, so it is with a break up. The only way to avoid these stages is to get your ex back.

The four stages of bereavement are initiation, disorientation, reorientation and integration. So, your ex has called it all off and initiated a very disturbing period for you. During reorientation you will deny it has happened. You will behave as though things were the same as always. You will find yourself forgetting the new way of things and doing and saying things as though you had not broken up. If you are ever going to repair your broken relationship it has to be now in the disorientation phase. But this is probably the most difficult time to change your behavior all over again to make a reunion with your ex even remotely possible.

So I am going to coach you through a number of steps for getting back with your ex. This is about changing your mindset and then your behavior.

1. First think of a role model. This is a person you know who has confidence and self-esteem in dealing with the opposite sex. Imagine a movie, in which, your role model interacts with your ex. You are the writer, the director and the producer of this movie and it is called "getting back with your ex". Run this movie over and over in your mind so that it is very familiar to you.

2. Now imagine yourself in the stalls watching this movie and you walk up to the screen and stand over the shoulder of your role model and view your movie over and over again up close and personal. Then imagine yourself in the role of the role model and watch the movie over and over with yourself in the successful starring role of the movie.

3. Now associate yourself with the actor in the movie and replay it over and over again this time from the perspective of the star. See what they see, feel what they feel and hear what they hear. Run the successful script over and over again.

This exercise should prepare you and make reuniting with your ex, in real life, a lot easier. You are a different person with a different perspective on your relationship. You have visualized success and diverted yourself out of disorientation and into a reorientation scenario where you have high chances of success in getting back with your ex.

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Getting Back With Your Ex - Unique Relationship Repair Tip

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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