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Launched in 1984 as low budget science-fiction movie by director James Cameron and star Arnold Schowarzenegger, "Terminator Salvation" - the fourth film in the Terminator series has turned out to be the worst among all. Arnold made the character of Terminator immortal in audiences’ minds. So the question with this Terminator was – how would the new Director McG pull off the fourth film without the man known as The Terminator now that he’s morphed into The Governor.

After watching the movie you get the answer that he can’t and he hasn’t.

Most of the running time has been occupied by action sequences like motor-cycle, helicopter, fighter plane, towering android sequences and fistfights. It gives you a feel and pleasure of a videogame without the bother of having to play it. The movie is brutally-efficient, thunderously atrocious and loaded with high-tech weapons.

It’s as frozen an unemotional as its uni-named director.

What obstructs Terminator Salvation is the lack of two trademarks of Camerons Terminator films, details that are related to each other. One is the dominance of a strong female character. Where Sarah Connor was shown as a tough lady, here we get to see John Connors pregnant wife Kate (Bryce Dallas Howard,) and a bit of butt-kicking from a Resistance fighter (Moon Bloodgood), who makes friends with Wright.


The other missing part is the humanity and emotions related to it. It seems McG is too heavy-handed or too captivated with the action figures to give a lighter touch to his movie.Writers, John Brancato and Michael Ferris (who also wrote the third part, Terminator: Rise of the Machines), split the focus into two threads one relating John Connor (Christian Bale, tough and terse), the veteran Resistance fighter, and the other introducing new character Marcus Wright (played by Sam Worthington), who emerges from a SkyNet experiment lab not sure how he got there.

All in all we can say that Terminator Salvation is a good-looking but frivolous entry from a director who favors style over substance.


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Review Terminator Salvation Movie

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This article was published on 2010/03/17