Transformers Movie Review - Success?

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The obvious thing is that it really is amazing how all the parts move as the transformations take place. Some parts turn and move back so the next parts can go there just to move away again and fold in under other parts to get hidden. Don't even try to follow all the movements. What's amazing is all the detail that went into the design of these robots. Like with Optimus Prime they spend 8 months on that just to find out that the traditional origin did not agree with the design. The big question is "Did all this look real to the audience?"

Another great thing about this movie is that director Michael Bay gave a newcomer a chance to prove herself and that is Megan Fox. The typical teenager trying to impress a girl is not anything new but the audience might relate and that always works. I must say the acting was quite acceptable and that just go's to show that Michael's methods do work. A lot of people thought Michael was not the right director for the job and that might be why Michael had to take this movie so seriously, expectations were high and he had to deliver.

On the emotional side these robots displays tremendous emotion to the humans and one another. Bragging, showing off, protectiveness over the humans and sacrifice is not actually something you would expect from these big guys. But that is what makes the movie possible or puts the story in the movie. People connect to the fact that their world might come to an end and that someone is willing to help and protect it. The damage to all the buildings, roads and cars always creates tension in me but it displays the strength of the robots and that too makes the people realise that it is necessary to get help to get rid of these invaders.

Transformers come a long way from around 1984 and some people were upset with the changes made from the old comics. But it would have been an insult to nowadays technology if Michael Bay did not use the latest technology for these high tech robots. After all it is a race that is technologically advanced far beyond the human's understanding. It's the same thing looking at their weapons. An interesting fact is the cooperation from the US military. The military movements, tactics and dedication that we see in this movie were motivated by the US military themselves with a lot of concentration on accuracy. Some of the soldiers, uniforms and aerial vehicles were real and some of it used in a movie for the firs time.

Michael Bay really tried hard to make everything look as real as possible and in my opinion he succeeded in just that.

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Transformers Movie Review - Success?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02