What's Making News in Hindi Film Industry?

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A different trend is noticeable in Bollywood as more meaningful and bolder films are being launched instead of the trivial blockbusters. A Lot Of of these feature attention-holding themes, subject matters and techniques being used by the filmmakers. This change is also evident from many new and upcoming Bollywood movies.
The difference between the arty films and masala films is not that clear anymore. Present Bollywood cinema focuses more on the real life and has good direction, cinematography and editing featured in these movies. The movies directed by the new age directors are influencing the tastes of the viewers and presenting them with more thoughtful cinema.
The subject matter of upcoming Bollywood movies and many new movies that recently hit the theatres like Rocket Singh, A Wednesday and 3 Idiots portray real life characters and leads tackling with difficulties you and I have faced too. The present directors have been directing movies on the storyline of an ordinary citizen fighting against terrorism and life issues in general.
Another visible trend is that quite some movies like Love Story-2050, Krrish and Drona have put to test the best technology and graphics to create a larger than life effect. Even animation films are gaining popularity and big producers like Yash Raj Films are investing money and effort in such movies.
Another change that has recently become popular is the remaking of old box office hits. For instance, RGV ki Aag was a remake of the old Amitabh movie Sholay and Don which is another Amitabh movie from 70s was remade with Shahrukh as the lead.
The trend of making movies that cater to the urban viewers is also fast catching up. Several of these movies including Page3, Wake Up Sid, Fashion, Metro and 3 Idiots that were intended for the city viewers have performed well even at box office.
Another upcoming trend perceptible in Bollywood is that of multiple films being produced every year by select production houses. In several cases, the movies are being produced by several production house in collaboration.
Last but a noteworthy trend is the good reception of Hindi cinema overseas and enhanced overseas revenues of the movies made by big Bollywood banners. There are many Indians who are currently living outside India and are devoted to Bollywood cinema, and it is even possible that the English movies might find a strong contender in the Hindi movies internationally.
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What's Making News in Hindi Film Industry?

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This article was published on 2011/10/29